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A Trip to BARcelona
Tasty tapas in downtown Indianapolis

A Trip to BARcelona A restaurant review from Mark Finch After reading what braingirl had to say about BARcelona, the newly-opened tapas bar in downtown Indianapolis, we decided to head on down and try it out on Saturday night. Our reservations were for 7:30 p.m. We arrived about five minutes early, and were whisked immediately to our table for two in approximately the middle of the room, where we could watch the activity on Ohio Street through the open sets of French doors. Service was friendly and immediate, and we ordered two glasses of Sangria ($4 each) while we started to analyze the lengthy menu.

For our first round, we ordered Queso do Cabra al Horno, a baked goat cheese in tomato sauce served with fresh garlic toast, and Coliflor al Azafrán, roasted cauliflower with saffron, raisins and pinenuts. The goat cheese was creamy and delicious, and paired well with the glass of Las Brisas, a light Sauvignon Blanc blend from the Rueda region of Spain. The cauliflower was good too, although the flavors of all the components stood alone instead of blending together.

Before our next round of tapas we ordered a Mojito and a glass of the excellent Sierra Cantabria Rioja. Then came our Alcachofas Fritas (fried artichokes with Romesco sauce), Plata de Embutidos (Spanish sausages) and Solomillo con Cabrales, slices of grilled beef tenderloin with blue cheese, spinach, and a Rioja reduction sauce. The artichokes and the tenderloin were outstanding, and we found ourselves wishing for a little bread to sop up the sauces. And while the sausages were robust and tasty, they paled in comparison to the other two dishes — better to pair them with some simpler companions, like maybe the chilled garlic potato salad (Patatas Alioli).

We finished with a dessert of Churros, which are kind of like crispy linear doughnuts with just the right amount of sweetness. They made us wish we had ordered coffee — next time we will!

And there definitely will be a next time. BARcelona has a nice atmosphere, good, interesting food, remarkably prompt service and an excellent, all-Spanish wine list. We liked this, too: Our total tab, before tip, came to just $66. Get together with some friends and go!


201 N. Delaware St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317 638 8272